Hair Color Test

Ammonia Free Color Test


I recently was asked to test a new ammonia free color because of my past history with the Clairol Presidential Color Council. The photograph should say it is a test with one of my students, Adrienne Jenkins, and I worked with on this project at Gavilan Community College. The project was for a new hair color for a testing company out of Germany.

The color was applied to a four color mannequin with

hair color levels 5, level 3, level 7 and 75 % gray hair.We used level 6NN,6B.6RB with 20 Volume and

10N with 40 volume H2O2. The hair had noticeably healthier feeling from the new color product and the gray hair had good coverage.



You can see the changes were exciting and the test was shared in class with all the other students.

After the project I received a call from Germany for an interview about the results of the color project. I was asked if I would be interested in using the new color in our salon and I said of course. I also was asked if I would participate in future tests.

I was asked how the products felt in comparison to other products, how the scent was,how the color mixed and if the application was smooth.
The new product had no label and will not be on the market until next Fall.

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