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Hair Color Questions And Answers

Color Advice

Q: I have 3 inches of post-chemo hair. Ash brown 50% gray. Go dark or light? Looks kind of blue now. 

A: I would go to the golden tones to warm up the coolness you seem to have. But if I had a colored  picture of you I could give you better advise.


Q: What is the best way to remove red from your hair? I want to dye my hair forest green? 

A: The best way to remove red is to pre-lighten it. If you are going green you will need to go to at least a yellow stage. "Punky Colours" has a great apple green you might like: we sell it on this site. All colors should be used by professionals.


Q: What is the best method to put hydration back into your hair? @fluff27

A: Remove the swelling with a low acid like Bac-Stat InnerSet (sold on our site). Then coat it with a Cellophane. That will also give the hair a lot of strength. 

Q: What product to you recommend to remove blues, purples, pinks out of my hair so I can go


A: Pre-lighten with whatever bleach product you like best. Make sure to test strand the silver before you put it on all the way because a lot of times a green comes out since the base of most silvers is blue. All colors should be used by professionals. 

Q: Hi Maree, I was wondering if you can help me solve this problem. A customer came in and she had died her hair all black a month ago. Now she wants blonde highlights. I tried bleaching it and it turned orange red, and I could not get it to turn blonde. Can you help me as to how I can achieve the blonde highlights? Thanks a lot.

A:  Never promise any one who has dyed their hair black blonde hair because of the stain from the black dye. Tell them you can achieve a nice light shade of brown that will look good against the black hair. So you can bleach as light as you can without breaking the hair. Hair can take up to 2 hours bleaching after that it will start to break and its not worth the problems you will have. So in a situation like this never promise a 100% just do the best you can. Black is black!!

PS. Try Redkin shades EQ about a level 6 or 7 with a neutral base and run a test strand first and see if you like what you see. Good luck.


hair color professionals- Maree Andre
hair specialists in San Jose CA

Semi and Demi Colors

Some individuals are confused about the difference between semi and demi colors. Semi colors are direct dyes and nothing is added to the product when used. Demi colors have low volume activators added to develop the color. Both can be used as fillers and are very important in our industry. Ask our experts all your hair color questions and get real professional answers. This is your chance to ask our experts everything you'd like. Call us @ 408-559-7008 to get in touch with one of our experts.

Hair Color questions and answers


Balayage creates an illusion of highlighting on the surface of the hair. It gives a natural shiny effect to hair. The technique is created with very delicate strokes of decolorizer applied to the surface of the dry hair. This technique is used by professionals throughout the country. Biolage comes from a French word which means "to sweep".

Hair Color questions and answers in San Jose, CA

Ammonia Free Color Test


I recently was asked to test a new ammonia free color because of my past history with the Clairol Presidential Color Council. The photograph should say it is a test with one of my students, Adrienne Jenkins, and I worked with on this project at Gavilan Community College. The project was for a new hair color for a testing company out of Germany.

The color was applied to a four color mannequin with


hair color levels 5, level 3, level 7 and 75 % gray hair.We used level 6NN,6B.6RB with 20 Volume and

10N with 40 volume H2O2. The hair had noticeably healthier feeling from the new color product and the gray hair had good coverage.



You can see the changes were exciting and the test was shared in class with all the other students.

After the project I received a call from Germany for an interview about the results of the color project. I was asked if I would be interested in using the new color in our salon and I said of course. I also was asked if I would participate in future tests. 

I was asked how the products felt in comparison to other products, how the scent was,how the color mixed and if the application was smooth. 
The new product had no label and will not be on the market until next Fall.

hair care and hair stylists- Maree Andre
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