About Maree André

Maree André is a renowned expert in Hair coloring and Hair Care. She is recognized as the "go-to" woman for setting the pace in the creative color science of high and low volume peroxide. Providing Hair Coloring Work Shops & Profession Hair Care Products by Bac-Stat, Color Focus- THE POWER OF COLOR DVD and BOOKLET.


Our Mission Statement:

Our vision stands and mission statement stands for improving the future of the cosmetologists in our industry. 

To bring out the passion and positive energy for our industry and to improve continually.

To share knowledge with the young people coming into the industry. 

To give advice that took us many of us a long time to learn on our own. 

To encourage the continual search and focus for knowledge and education.


Advanced Hair Coloring Work Shops:

Offers in-salon workshops that cover the fundamentals as well as

Maree Andre,Marie Andre,Hair Care,Hair Coloring, Bac-Stat advanced hair coloring techniques. Maree's workshops are an all-day educational event.

Workshops include:
Color Theory
Selling Color
Law of Color
Law of Light and Dark
Law of Blue Eyes
Theory of Coloring Wet Hair
H2O2 Rules


Professional Accomplishments:

California Hair Color Council Co-founder
Copyright of The Educational Peroxide Wheel
Director of Hairstyling For John Robert Powers Modeling Schools
Consultant for Bristol-Myers-Clairol, New York
Consultant for Product Knowledge, Bac-Stat Systems, Dallas, Tx
Instructor of Progressive Course In Advanced Cosmetology, San Jose City Community college
Color Instructor at Gavilan Community College


Lifetime Member of The Clairol's Presidential Hair Color Council

Certified NCA National Cosmetologist

Hair Fashion Committee of The USA

Member of The International Color Exchange

Hall of Fame: State of California


January 2023 - Maree's Legacy Lives On


Contact Us:

For product information, please email orders@mareeandre.com


J Andre & Co Salon in San Jose, CA:

Consultations available. Please contact Jessica to schedule an appointment: 408-332-6405